I feel like I’ve been avoiding the obligatory New Year post, only because I didn’t want to put out some cliché mumble jumble about how I was going to get in shape and drink less wine this year. Because, well….just no.

But today in church it hit me what my mission for the year will be.


Now,  I understand that “more” is taboo in our society right now- at a time we’re to be ridding ourselves of things that overly consume us and our time. We’re supposed to be starting out the new year with things like less social media, less fast food, less fighting, less gossiping, less clutter, less STUFF, less phone time, less less less less. I get it. And those things are GREAT!!! And they should definitely be things on my list to consider.

But my heart is saying something different. Instead it’s saying “more”.

MORE prayer. MORE God. MORE listening. MORE sitting quietly. MORE faith. MORE face time with friends. MORE conversations with my kids. MORE calls to my family. MORE handwritten notes. MORE alone time with my thoughts. MORE journaling. MORE goal-setting (shout out #goalgetter, by Jamie Nichole). MORE consistency. MORE intentional action. MORE love. MORE patience. DO MORE. BE MORE.

I think this idea of putting more into myself and being intentional with what I’m investing in comes at a perfect time for me. I spent 2017 trying to completely empty myself of the previous few years. And sitting here today, I think I’ve accomplished it, in a way that’s both healthy and motivating for me. I have emptied out the things that held me back from being great, and now I’m inviting MORE into my life in hopes of filling my soul with all the right things.

I’m ready for this year!  There’s always an excitement that comes with the new year- a new fresh planner, a new journal with so many crisp blank pages, new hopes that THIS is going to be YOUR year! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Looking forward to MORE in 2018!!!

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