“I’m here”

We all go through seasons where everything is seemingly perfect. The seasons where nothing knocks us down, nothing stands in our way. The sun is always shining, and the birds are singing our favorite Cat Stevens song (welll that’s what my birds sing). These are the days you make it easy to be friends with you. Haha!

Then there are the seasons that are certain to kill you. The ones where you’ve gained a few extra ell-bees. The seasons where your hair breaks in all the wrong places. The times your clothes fit terribly. These are the superficial end-all-seasons. These are the days your friends tell you what you wanna hear. “Girl, please….those jeans look AH-MAY-ZING on you.” (Liars).

But every now and again, you have seasons where you are bro-ken. The times your heart hurts. Your kids are bad. Your family is annoyed with you. Your job is awful. These are the times your friends support you and they build you up, like no one else can…not even your Mom (sorry mama, but it’s true!). These are the times your friends are willing to have the “real” conversations with you. “But girl, you were mean to him.” or “Girl, your kid needs a reality check.” or “Girl, move on from him.” or “Seriously, let me fix your resume and start  sending it out for you.” These are the moments you realize you would be a complete mess without people in your corner helping you along the way.

The one thing I’ve learned lately, is that I have “I’m here” friends. They are the friends who show up in any season. They show up when I’m struggling with my job. They show up when my relationship is in shambles. They show up to remind me what I truly deserve. They show up to support my kids. They show up to celebrate my birthday. They show up with a bottle of wine, ready to dis on the boy who carelessly throws my feelings aside. They show up to help me pick out an interview outfit. They show up to listen to me gush about my relationship. They show up. And they are “I’m here” people.

I got a text earlier this evening…one day after my 36th birthday, from one of my oldest friends from middle school. She knew how my day had transpired. She knew I had spent the better part of the past four days struggling with changes that are inevitable. And all she said was “I’m here.” And the thing is- I know, with every fiber of my being that she really is.

So I challenge you to be an “I’m here” person to someone in your life. Whether its your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your friends, or a co-worker. Be someone that shows up. Be someone who truly prays for someone going through hard times. Be someone that has other people’s back. Be someone people can count on. And be sure that people in your life know that you’re an “I’m here” person in their life.

2 thoughts on ““I’m here””

  1. Gretchen,
    It’s by “Lucky Chance” that I ran across this blog (pun intended). Anyway, your writing captivated me and I couldn’t help but think how brave you are for pouring yourself out like this. Almost eighteen years ago we sat not far from each other getting ready to enter new chapters of our lives. All through the seven years prior, I always thought you to be an exceptional person; inside and out ( I maybe had a little crush). We were never “close” friends, but had some mutual. I never saw you as a person who was mean or looked down on others. With that, I’m not surprised with your most recent post “I’m Here”, and the friends you refer to. Not that my “anonymous” opinion counts, but I know you are and will continue to do great things through faith and God.

    -An old friend


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