Dear Anderson





Dear Anderson, 

Today you turn ten. I think back over the past decade and look at how much has changed for you. You continue to be my favorite guy in the whole world!

You’ve tried new things- tennis, soccer, golf. You’ve learned the magical world of Harry Potter and Star Wars. You’ve raised a lizard, a dog, and a few toads along the way. You’ve gone from a bb gun shooting guy, to a mountain bike guy, to a soccer guy, to a Hogwarts fanatic. You’ve been to church camp twice, dug deeper into your walk with God, and have helped lead our family in many dinnertime and bedtime prayers.

You’ve mastered your job description as a little brother to an almost-teenage sister. You’ve been a pest to her. You’ve been a shoulder for her to lean on. You’ve helped her. You’ve hurt her. You’ve annoyed her. And you’ve been her biggest cheerleader. Don’t believe her when she says she doesn’t like you- you are her best friend, she just doesn’t know it yet! Give her twenty more years!

As a son, you’ve made me prouder than I’ve ever imagined I could be. You are smart. You are funny. You are polite. You hold doors for people, and you genuinely care about others. You are quirky in all the right ways, and even when I don’t understand your personality, you embrace it completely!  Good for you, son!

You make people laugh like it’s your job. You crave to know more and more about life. You are insightful. You are inquisitive. You are a rare gem in this world, Anderson. You are unlike any other. You are my entire world, and I could not possibly love you more than I do at this very minute. 

Happy birthday, sweet guy. I hope this is the best year yet!

Love, Mom

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