Happy 14th Birthday, Lilly Jane

Today is my sweet Lilly’s 14th birthday. Being the first born has to be scary- your mom literally has no clue what she’s doing, and yet somehow Lilly has managed to morph into this perfect little ball of perfection! At the ripe age of twenty-four, I was incredibly naïve to parenthood. Having Lilly changed my life in ways I can never fully explain. The excitement, the fear, the unknown. We went through it all together. She helped me grow. She pushed me to do more, be better.

This year is the first time I’ve actually considered how little time I still have with her at home. Before we know it she’ll be driving, and then heading off to college. She’ll start her own new adventures, and the squishy perfect little girl I once held will be gone.

I am beyond lucky to have such a sweet, kind, loving teenage daughter. Everyone warns you about the teenage years, and though we’re in the early stages of those years, I am loving every single day with her. Lilly is truly the most thoughtful girl in the universe. She loves her family fiercely. She is the first one to offer a helping hand. She is genuinely kind and truly cares about other people. To know her is to love her.

Today, I am just so incredibly thankful to have a daughter like Lilly. There is no one like her in the world, and I just thank God for her every single day.

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