The Longest Month

May 1st. Finally. Thankfully. Amen.

April proved to be the longest month in the world’s history. From learning that we’d never leave our house again, to processing how to work from home with my husband, while also assisting two middle schoolers with eLearning, it’s been quite the adventure.

We filled our month working on a new outdoor dining space, learning new martini recipes, scheduling contractor after contractor to work on various projects in the house, dodging snow one day, rain the next, and then basking in the sun on a few others.

Our dog has developed total separation anxiety, which is mostly fine for now since, see above, never leaving our house again, but there comes a point where her constant shadow behind me grows annoying. She is literally at my heals all day long!

After learning that our WFH adventure would last well beyond the summer, we decided to move my office to our basement so that I could have a designated home office. I am obsessed with my space! Our basement has become one of my favorite spaces in the house- probably because I planned and designed the entire thing, but also because it’s calming and quiet…though both kids have decided to also do their daily work in the basement alongside me!

Today, our governor will slowly begin lifting the stay at home order. We obviously have no idea what that really looks like, but we’re excited for warmer temperatures, date nights, Target runs, and maybe even some outings with friends.

We’re extremely thankful and blessed to have the luxuries that we do. We’re thankful for a family we all love and enjoy. We’re thankful to be working. We’re thankful for all we had in April, all we could do, and most importantly our health. We are truly a blessed family!


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