Week 1: Anderson’s Perspective

COVID-19 has impacted everyone. From school kids, to parents, to pets who want us out of the house, we are all directly hit from the effects of the Coronavirus and self-quarantining. What “fun” would a national emergency be if we didn’t document the whole thing. Enjoy the next few days of Quarantine 2020 with the Middleton-Hahn’s!


Our last day that we were actually at school was Thursday 3/12. That day I had to go home early because I sprained my ankle in PE, which is my second period, so I was hardly at school that day. On the following day (Friday the 13th) was what is called a flex day, which is a specific day of the quarter where we have a scheduled eLearning day and we basically do our work at home online. That very Friday was the day where we found out that we would have to stay home for 2 weeks, but technically 3 weeks, because spring break started when the quarantine ended.

That weekend my sister went out to an ice cream store called Zestos, with her friend Erin. Erin’s little brother Jackson is one of my friends, so the following day both my sister and I went over to their house. We were there for about an hour, and it was a blast! This turned out to be a pretty consistent pastime. The next day we went to their house, we went to Zestos, and did it again the following day. Jackson wore a banana costume to Zesto’s… (he didn’t get a banana split if that’s what you are thinking!)! Why did he wear a banana costume? To be completely honest I’m not sure. Anyway, lets get back to the story. We loved going over there, especially me, because everywhere we have lived, my sister has always had a friend in the neighborhood, and I never did. So this was exciting and wonderful! The following day, we were going to go over there, and just chill or whatever. But my mom decided “They might have the Corona Virus” and “Social distancing is very important at these times.” We were seriously disappointed, especially me, because like I said, I’ve never really had friends that lived close.

Anyway, to make a long-story-short, one day this week my mom decided that we could go over there for an hour or so!! We thought that there was a catch, but apparently there wasn’t except… it started RAINING. We were so annoyed and frustrated.

It is currently the following Saturday night, at 9:30 and I haven’t seen them since. I also left out that we discovered that the quarantine is extended till May 1 ‘___’ so how’s your  quarantine going?! LOL!



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