We knew we wanted to do a quick getaway this month since the kids will be in MN for spring break, and summer break is already looking incredibly full. A couple weeks ago the kids had a Friday and Monday off school, so we saw it as the perfect time to sneak away and explore a new city together.  When Ryan suggested Toronto, I thought he was insane, but of course he assured me it would be fun! Anywhere we could go within driving distance was going to be cold (hello, FEBRUARY!), so why not Canada?

The kids had a church event Friday night that lasted into the early morning Saturday, so we couldn’t get started on our adventure until after that (and a few hours of sleep, of course!). We made our way across Ambassador Bridge, and made the final trek to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls just as the kids were falling asleep again! Luckily, the vastness of the Falls were enough to snap the kids back into action as we walked the sidewalks to see the incredible views. What an awesome place to visit!

the fam at the falls

From there, we made our way into downtown.Toronto.on.a.Saturday.night. Holy moly! Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America, and we felt it that night! After a long day of driving, navigating a super busy downtown in the dark was not our idea of fun! BUT, we made it to our downtown condo, right across from the Scotiabank Arena (where the NBA team, the Toronto Raptors play)! Our little travel guide had found the perfect Airbnb for our visit!

Neither of us had visited Toronto before, so we were really exploring it blindly! We headed out the next day to the Harbourfront which, not so shockingly, happened to be Ryan’s favorite spot of our trip! It was a gorgeous morning, the sun was out, and the kids were in (mostly) good moods! That in of itself is a success in my book! RM and LJ Lilly picked out a cute spot for brunch, then onto the CN Tower we went.

We learned that Tim Horton’s (though we have them in Fort Wayne now!) is referred to as Timmy’s by the locals, and that pronouncing the second ‘T’ in Toronto just screams tourist!

We surprised Anderson awhile later with a quick walk to Graffiti Alley. The kid was hooked! We’ve never seen him SO excited about anything! He loved the different art, the creativity and the colors!

anderson toronto

We spent the entire day just exploring this new-to-us city! We had an awesome dinner downtown before turning in for the night! It was really cool to spend the time away, just the four of us, with no specific destinations, no timelines, and zero prearranged plans. I am so incredibly thankful for a husband who will step outside of the box, plan a trip that will include something for us all, and just take the “risk” of something new.

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