We Set Goals (…it’s what we do!)

I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me three weeks to write about the new year, because you know how I love a good blank slate! This year is different though! I saw so many memes about people who were so glad to say buh-bye to 2019…I’m not one of those people because guys, 2019 was THE.BEST.YEAR.OF.MY.ENTIRE.LIFE! Marrying Ryan was truly the best thing in my world, and getting to add him to my already precious little family just can’t be topped by anything. So maybe I was just basking in 2019 a little longer, who knows! But here we are- 2020 is here, and we’re off, setting new goals!

Last year on our (dating) anniversary, I gave Ryan a journal I had been keeping since our first date. You’ll recall that I knew very early on (see also: before I went on a date with him) that he was the man I’d marry someday, and I wanted to do whatever I could to document our first days and months together. And I’m SO glad that I did. At the end of the journal, I wrote my 2019 goals. Ryan and I agreed to do some goals together (or at least outlined together, what our focus would be for that upcoming year together). Our focus was on spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social changes/advancements. Though we had somewhat different overall goals, through it all, we would support each other and our goals.

And so this year, we checked how we ended up. We were both super impressed with ourselves and each other- we had pretty much stuck to a majority of our goals- and even if we hadn’t nailed them all the way, we did a great job of making each of the topics a priority for 2019.

So as we start off a new year, decade, and lifetime together our goals together became more important. We used the same overall topics (and added one or two), and set new goals for this year. (I won’t bore you with the details of each one…).

The point in this is simple. Doing life with someone who has similar goals and outlooks is so incredibly important. Having an accountability partner is so exciting and comforting. Sure, my physical goal is different than my “runner” husband’s, but that isn’t really the point is it? The point is that we both put physical goals as a priority because we want to have more kids together at some point, and being around for a very long time (God willing) is incredibly important to us both. We want to grow spiritually together, and as a family, because that’s the tone of our home, and it’s how we want our kids to grow up. We want to set some financial goals because we I need want to redo the entire Keeks house, without taking from our “own” money. (Love you, hunny!) We want to read books together (and apart) because it’s fun to question things, learn, and grow professionally and personally.

Never have I been so excited for annual goals, but something just tells me I’m onto another incredible year, alongside the most supportive and loving man! Here’s to new beginnings in 2020!!! Glad you’re along for the ride with us!


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