Grandma Anglin

I really miss my Grandma Anglin. Like, I really really really miss her. The older my kids get, the more I wish she was here. I wish she was sitting in the stands watching Lilly play basketball. And though she would for sure disapprove of him playing, I wish she was sideline with us at Anderson’s football games. I see Lilly changing into a teenage girl, and wish so badly that I had my Grandma here to encourage me that it will be alright, yet help tame that Gretchenesque sass that is seeping from Lilly’s pores, already. I see my sweet boy who still lets me pick him up and smother his face with mama kisses, and I know that my Grandma would also love to have this same sweet boy curled up in her lap too.

Yesterday I got to meet Ryan’s grandma who recently relocated to Fort Wayne from North Carolina. I was so excited to meet her, but nervous because…well Grandma’s can be tough! When we walked into the room, she instantly took Ryan’s face in her hands, and just lit up. And…knowing my sweet-hearted boyfriend, I’m sure his heart was bursting with love too- he had been waiting to see her for weeks since she moved to town! She looked at me and said words that I know my very own grandma would say- she told me I was pretty, and asked me about my kids. It made my heart sing! There is just something about the approval of a grandma that matters so so much.

This weekend we celebrate my Grandpa Anglin’s 90th birthday. I wish, so badly, that my grandma was here to celebrate with us, and though I know she’s always with us watching over us, it still pains me a little to know that she’s not physically here. I miss her hugs. I miss her laugh. I miss her hair. I miss her picking at my grandpa! I just really really miss my Grandma Anglin.

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