Happy Birthday, Love

Do you ever sit and think about how thankful you are someone was born? Like, sure I feel this way about my kids, but they’re my kids! Today I am so thankful that Ryan is on this earth, but even more so that I get to do life alongside him.

Over the past (almost) year, I have learned his quirky habits…like how he sniffles if he’s sleepy, and how he rubs his eyes after a long day at work. I have learned that he wakes up painfully early so that he has time to read from his bible, drink his coffee, and of course watch a little PTI…all the while still making it to work before me! I’ve learned he never skips morning coffee- like ever.

I have witnessed his endless facial expressions- the one when he’s reading a work email, the one when he gets a text from an old friend about the latest beer or recipe he’s trying, the look he gets when he’s watching an intense sporting event, and the expression he has when we connect glances from across the room (yes, that happens in real life, people!).

Today I am thankful for the very rare moments Ryan busts out the guitar to sing a ditty for me, and even more when he plays for the kids! I am thankful for the times he makes us take pictures- even when I’m looking a mess- because he is intentionally documenting our precious moments together. I am thankful for the man who attends two church services with me every week, and the conversations that each service sparks between us.

I am thankful for the guy who helps coach my son’s basketball team. I’m thankful for the man who showed up to every.single.basketball game of my daughter’s. I am thankful for the guy who rushed onto the field with me when my youngest got hurt during his final football game. I am thankful for having someone to sit with through 5th grade spelling bees, robotics matches, and AGBL award banquets. I have learned the value of “showing up” and “being present” in life, all parts of it, because of Ryan.

Today is Ryan’s 38th birthday, and though I haven’t spent the previous 38 with him, I am looking forward to the next 38 together.

Happy birthday, love. You are more than a blessing to my life. You are my favorite person on this earth, and I am so incredibly thankful you are here. Here’s to the best year of our lives!


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