Friend Gang

I have a group of close friends who are fiercely loyal friends. They’re the type of friends who’d cut a bro if he broke my heart, and the friends who’d warn me with sirens and pyro if I was getting into a sticky situation with a boy, and the same group of friends that have picked me up off the ground from the ugliest times of my life. I am lucky, ya’ll. These girls have seen me at my highest, and pulled me back up from my lowest.

But let me tell you about my friend gang. They don’t sugar coat anything. AAAAANY-THIIIIING. My girls are as real as they come. They don’t “support” me when I’m wrong. They don’t “have my back” if I’m screwing up. Naw!! These girls are SO entirely invested in my well-being (and me in their’s) that they aren’t going to let me mess up alone. They’re not going to let me date the wrong men boys. They won’t let me react to something without thinking it through, and “talking” it through with alllllll of them. It’s what we do- for each other. It’s not just me. We are all as crazy for each other.

Something I realized during my marriage, and then my divorce, is that your friends don’t change. I mean, your REAL friends don’t. The friends who will question your decision to move to your hometown (where they KNOW you won’t be happy) are the same friends who will pray for your marriage, even when they severely disagree with your hopes of saving it. They are the friends who KNOW your soul, the ugly and the pure of it, and know that if YOU say your marriage is worth saving, they support it too. EVEN IF they know it’s NEVER going to work- they SUPPORT you in trying. They are the friends who believe in the power of prayer, but pray different prayers than you do. While you’re praying the prayer of redemption and reconciliation, they’re praying the prayers of healing and support. They’re looking for ways to help you through it, when you’re looking for ways to fix it. They are the ones spending so many hours at your house, listening to you replay your faults and miscalculations of him over and over, while they, in their own head, are plotting ways to slash his mountain bike tires (amIright girls?)!!

But let me tell you one more thing about my friends. They. Are. Always. There. We have the relationships of sisters. We fight. We ignore each other on our moody days. We roll our eyes (emoji style…because emoji style is LIFE), at the insensitive things we say and do to each other. But through it all, we are a friend gang. Inseparable. Unbreakable. And insanely committed to the growth and development of one another, as humans, as wives, as girlfriends, as friends, and as sisters.

I am forever thankful for my friend gang.

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