Cousin Vacays

My cousin is my best friend. Like, we are lucky that we get to be related, but we CHOOSE to be best friends. We are the cousins who used to dress alike when we were kids and lie to our grandma’s friends and say we were twins. And people believed us. A lot! Our friendship continues to grow into adulthood, as we raise our kids alongside each other, go through break ups and make ups, navigate old friendships and new ones together, and really work to build each other up, and grow and develop into two women who are perfectly content living this single-mom-life. (we think)

About five years ago we started doing cousin vacations. We didn’t invite the kids- it was just Megan and me. And. It. Was. Heaven.

Then I got married. And I couldn’t do “single mom” vacations anymore.

But now I’m divorced (!), and I can do whatever the heck I wanna do again!

And so we are Mom vacationing again. Just the two of us. No. Kids. Hallelujah, ya’ll. My recommendation for any of you mama’s out there- TAKE the vacations alone, without your kids (and if you’re married, WITHOUT your hubbs). It’s the most rejuvenating time away….even if you have a cousin who insists on walking the beach for hours at a time, searching for sea beans and shells (because the other 3948 jars of shells she has at home aren’t enough already). But TAKE THE VACATION, ya’ll!

Megan and I leave later this week for our first Florida Cousin Vacay (sans kids) since my divorce. And we are excited as can be! We reserved a convertible to cruise around in while we “Florida”. And though this is not the perfect time for me to be leaving work, it’s necessary for my soul. And so I’m going. Because…well my soul.

I read so many things about Mom guilt. And let me tell you. I don’t have that. Because I KNOW that taking time away really helps me. And it’s OKAY.

So send prayers for our first Cousin Vacation in years. And pray for my mom, who is so lovingly staying with my children while I vacation. (Because she’s AMAZING)

And trust me, I’ll post pics when we get back!




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