Week 1: Ryan’s Perspective

Ryan: Gretchen and I started off the month of March with a weeklong water & vegetable only fast; it was an opportunity for a physical cleanse along with a mental and spiritual refresh.  After a week of less than 500 calories a day, we ended the week with a nice steak dinner together… it was outstanding! After going a week without some of my favorite things; a hot cup of black coffee, a cold beer, a great steak… they were great when reintroduced, the “color” in them came back to life.  The week allowed me to focus on my relationship with God and my wife, and I had one very specific ah-ah, which I’ll touch on shortly…

A few weeks later, and COVID-19 has forced many to shelter-in place… our first week was a little rough, as I had already forgotten what I learned during the week of the fast.  I had life on cruise control of sorts – a good routine in place, and I thought Quality Time together with family was just being together.  I’m obviously late to the game here in understanding this, but it is so much more than that.  I love love spending time with my wife, love Anderson’s punny jokes, and Lilly’s cute silliness… and I so appreciate the “color” we bring to each other’s lives.  However, in many ways, I was present without participating.  I took for granted things my wife does, or didn’t notice when kids were about to tell a  great story.  My ah-ha from our week long fast and now from week 1 of COVID-19, is that relationship is more than just being there… it’s a connection.  A connection takes time, effort, and intentionality…with God, my wife, and the kids.   It takes me putting the phone down, shutting off the computer, and making time for those that it matters if you spend time with them!

I am so thankful for the “color” in our lives… and I pray I don’t miss the opportunity to use the time together, during the COVID-19 lockdown, to strengthen our relationships together!   I’m definitely not nailing it over here, just ask em! Just so so thankful, and forward looking forward to the next….. 6 weeks together??!?! 

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