Before Things Change…again.

We’re just a few short days from welcoming our new little bundle of joy! We are over the moon excited- and nervous- and prayerful, and all the things. Yes, I’ve done this before (as my oldest so kindly reminds me), but it’s been a very long time. All the awareness that I lacked the first two times is now sitting front row for this birth and I’m just..nervous.

More than anything, as we spend these next few days, our last as a family of four, I am trying to really lean into the reality as to what all will change for us once the new baby comes. Where we have grown accustomed to the ease of raising teenagers (and I mean that- they’re EASY kids), and having the freedom to come and go, that all changes after next weekend. Where my daughter and I have standing Starbucks dates, we now add the element of a newborn and all that entails for our 7am coffee runs. And how Anderson is now my baby of the family (even though he loathes that term!), the truth is he now becomes the middle child (..and let me just tell ya about the middle child!). Things are going to be different for us all, and while I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all, the reality is, things are just going to be different. Plain. And. Simple.

So as I sit here in my feelings, it’s important for me to acknowledge the changes, but also bask in the loveliness that is our life now. To my older two: You will never stop being the most important people in my life. You will never stop being important, my priorities, and my pride and joy. You will never have to question my love for you, or my complete and utter devotion to being your mom. Just as I’ve said before- nothing will ever change my love for you or my support of you…not even a new baby! While we’ve rolled with some changes over the past decade or more, I pray that you have remained fulfilled by knowing that I am ALWAYS here for you.

I am so in love with my life and I just can’t wait to see what it will look like once we add our new baby girl.

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