Things About Your Dad

Dear Little One,

It’ll still be another year until you get to spend your first Father’s Day with your dad, but I think it’s important that we give you a little heads up about the type of dad you’re getting, and the things that make him so special.

First, just know that your dad is very loved, by many people. He’s honest and loyal, and will go to the ends of the earth for the ones he loves. One of my favorite things about your dad is that he shows up for everything! He will be there for you, and for your brother and sister- no matter how big or small the event, he’ll be there. He’ll be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. No matter what you do, right or wrong, he will always be calm and respectful, and will always always always try to see things from your perspective.

Your dad cares deeply, and even though he doesn’t always vocalize it, he is obsessed with his family. Being a good husband to me, and a good dad to you, Lilly, and Anderson is the most important thing in the world to him. He is consistent. Nothing will ever change the way he loves each one of us.

But there are other things, sweet girl, that you should know about your dad! He laughs at his own jokes…a lot! (I can’t lie- it’s adorable and I love that about him!) He somehow always catches big fish when he’s alone, but never when we’re with him…interesting, huh?! He acts like Stausi is such a pest, but in reality he adores her! Messes don’t bother him at all- so never worry about things being out of place- all he cares about are the memories being made! (I’d be so lucky to be more like that!) He is known to make late night ice cream runs for us, and doesn’t think twice about stopping on the way home from a long day at work if there’s something you need from the grocery! He’ll do anything for us! One tip though, keep him away from sad movies about animals. He’s a mush ball and it’s just best we avoid those movies! Trust me!

From Lilly:

What a lucky girl you are. You have the best dad ever in the whole world of dads! Your dad is a kind man who will have the best influence on you, as he does to your brother and I. Your dad has the sweetest family that will always love and care for you to the fullest. He is one of the best Christians I’ve met and it really shows. He is the funniest, sour patch kids and laffy taffy eater that you’ll ever meet! Ryan has always been so sweet to us, and although we aren’t blood-related to him, it has never mattered to him and he will always treat us the same. He will love you to the core.

From Anderson:

You lowkey have the swaggiest dad ever ngl (not gonna lie). He’s always funny (mostly un-intentionally) and he always cares for you, even when he doesn’t want to show it, he cares. I know that you will grow up to be an intelligent, funny, (probably tall), independent girl who really cares about her family and the people she loves because of your dad.

See Little One, you’re blessed to have your sweet sweet dad in your life. He’s one of the best, and you’re so lucky! We are beyond thankful for him and all he does every single day to make us feel loved and valued. We cannot wait until you’re finally here so we can see just how wonderfully he’s going to love you too! You are your dad’s answered prayer. And he will spend his whole life making sure you are happy, loved, and always taken care of. That’s just the kind of man he is, and we are so lucky he’s ours!

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