You Should Tell Them…

I’ve received two texts in the past few weeks from my sweetest younger SIL, Gwen. The texts were totally random- one about a dream she had that I was in, and another one just letting me know that she was thinking about me. The thing is, the fact Gwen texted me is not super unusual, I mean, we talk for sure! But the thought behind each text was so sweet that it really had a direct impact on both of the days I got those messages! (Thank you, sweet Gwen!)

Ask my husband, I’m a Words of Affirmation girl, through and through (though I don’t hate the random occasional gift, amIright?!). There is nothing in my world better than waking up to a post-it note on my bathroom mirror from Ryan. Just the thought of him taking time to write, in his cute messy handwriting, a sweet-nothing to me, just makes my heart race! (Gaw, I love him!) I guess the same is true when I get a random text from my SIL or a friend. It just really means something to me!

I drive three or four hours a day for work (yes, you read that correctly), and I get a lot of windshield time. A lot of time to think and reflect and think and analyze and think and pray and think and worry and…you get the point. But often, I think about other people- just wondering how they are, wondering how their kiddos are, wondering how the interview went or the meeting went or even that morning’s workout went. This week I thought about how awesome it would be to let those people know when I was thinking about them.

I get it- not everyone is a words of affirmation person, like myself. I’m married to one of them! I can text Ryan the sweetest, kindest, most intentional heartfelt message, and it would be nothing for him to respond “that’s sweet” (you laugh, but he does it, often!) He’s just not the same as me! And that’s okay! But no one, I mean that, no one is ever going to be mad that you’re telling them you’re thinking about them.

So next time you’re thinking of someone- you should tell them! You have no idea how their morning went or their workday was. The message from you may be the one thing that brightens their chaotic day! So SEND the message. MAKE the call. ANSWER the call. Shoot an email. Just LET them know! It’s important!


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