I did it!

Last week I posted about setting goals for the year. I mentioned that physical goals were part of this, and so for January, I set a running goal. I’m NOT a runner. Like, not even kind of!

Over Christmas, my brother in law (shout out Sean!) said something that really stuck with me- he made the point that you don’t have to run a great distance every single run, but that for him, it was important to at least run a mile or two, often! This was actually great news to me, because I struggled at the thought of keeping up with my precious hubbs, who makes it look like a piece of cake running five miles before church each week in blistering cold temps! Pass.

My goal for the first month of this new decade was to run twenty miles. Yes, I’m aware some of you run that every weekend, or even those of you weirdos who do it in one single run, but for me, this was a big goal! Twenty-seven days into January, thirteen runs later, I finally ran my twenty miles! And ya’ll, it feels great!

I don’t keep up with goals, like ev-errrr. I especially don’t stick to exercise/running goals. So for me to hit this goal, and actually ENJOY it, is huge! I’m actually looking forward to setting a new goal for myself in February, and eventually enjoying some outside runs with Ryan in the spring (yes hunny, I said it!)!!!


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