Name Change

From my post yesterday, you know how much I love this time of year. I love the idea of “fresh starts” and “new beginnings.” So imagine my excitement last Sunday when I heard our pastor suggest we be proactive and intentional about who we are this year.  Ya’ll KNOW my love for intentional living, so this was right up my alley.

First though, he challenged us to think about what people may have called us last year. What word or name would people use to describe us. I instantly allow myself to go to the dark and ugly corners. The insecurities pop through, my negative self-talk takes over. But then I am reminded that these are my own thoughts. Our pastor encouraged us to reach out to a couple trusted friends/family, and invite their words to help define our name in 2018. SO, I reached out to two of my closest friends, and told them I be brutally honest and share with me the words they’d use to describe me. I was not overly surprised by their responses, and I plan to utilize their words to describe me as I move into 2019 and my “name change” for the upcoming months.

I normally do a “word of the year”, and while that’s still important to me, the other part of that is what the word means as it defines me as a person.

2018: As you saw in my end of year wrap up, I had an awesome 2018. I adored 2018. In fact, I LOVED 2018. I did a lot of growing, self-reflecting, and a ton of loving. In fact, my friend Rachael said that I became more self-aware than ever before. While that super super super excites me, there is one pesky thing of 2018 that I let eat away at me. I lacked self-confidence and motivation.

Going into 2019, my goal is to gain that confidence back. I vow to have confidence like Mary. (see picture). My goal is to have an incredible relationship with GOD, and build my confidence in HIM, and though Him. My aim is to stop putting my confidence in the hands of things and people and situations, but rather trusting God’s plan for me and for my family.

Our sermon notes from last Sunday list five questions. The first two I’ve basically covered, but the final three are more personal and will require more thought. What scripture will help me get to this goal, and what actions/lifestyle changes will I need to make to get me there. And lastly, who will I share this information with- who will be my accountability partner.

The final answer came easily. Ryan has become my best friend, the one person I will tell EV-ER-Y-THING to. He pushes me, encourages me, and motivates me. He is my person- my accountability partner, and my everything.

I am so incredibly excited for 2019. I look forward to gaining confidence like Mary’s and trusting in God’s plans for us in the coming months!




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