Hallmark Boyfriend

Tis the season for all things mush, thanks to Hallmark channel’s annual Christmas movie extravaganza! Before the days of Hallmark-esque movies on Netflix, I too found myself shamelessly tuning in for some of the cheesiest movies Hallmark had to offer each holiday season. Zero. Shame.
This year has proven to be no different, except this year my mini-me, twelve year old has participated in the viewing! Two Hallmark movies into the Christmas season, I had a revelation. You know how each movie has a similar (errr same) story line? Big city guy comes to town to turn the local lodge into a parking lot, only to fall in love with the super sweet country girl who later saves the lodge. Obvi. But don’t even lie that you’ve not at least secretly wished you’d find your own Hallmark movie boyfriend, because ya’ll, ya have!
This is where mush-fest 2018 happened. I found my fingers effortlessly texting my best friend, first warning her that what I was about to admit was not only disgustingly mushy, but also that if she ever told a soul I would deny profusely until my dying day. I told her that while watching the latest Hallmark love-sesh, it hit me– I have my own Hallmark movie boyfriend! (I told you, puke!)
But seriously, every Hallmark movie guy is always super sweet, soft-spoken, ridiculously handsome, and usually has perfect hair. And as my bestie pointed out- he’s always in a sweater! Hello, Ryan! Hahaha!
So while ya’ll sit and watch the latest Hallmark movie, I’ll be over here hugging on my super handsome real-life Hallmark movie boyfriend! Because, dreams really do come true at Christmas time!!

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