Winding Roads

The idea of winding roads is nothing new- it’s the idea that every road we’ve taken has led us exactly where we were supposed to go- it helps us realize that we haven’t gotten to this point by accident, but that we are exactly where we are meant to be.

So who is “we” and what roads am I talking about?

Flash back to five months ago. I went to brunch with the most unlikely person. It was a person I had admired from afar, a person who had unknowingly mentored me for the past six years, a person who seemingly had it all together (whatever that means), and someone I never in four trillion years imagined I’d be sitting across from on a Saturday early afternoon having brunch with! But, here we were.

And so we spent hours together, sharing things that never would have been shared in our “normal” environment, but things that, for some reason, just felt completely normal for us to be talking about in this setting. And it was good.

For the past five months we have been more than aware of the roads that have led us to each other, and to this point. The things that happened in our lives were not by accident, but for a purpose, and I truly, fully believe that. I think back to the things in the past four years that seemed so awful–those things mattered.  I look at where I am now- and I am so thankful for every single curve, hill, and bump in the roads I have traveled, because it led me to a Godly man who is fiercely loyal, incredibly patient, beyond funny, and has accepted me completely as I am.


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