Being better than good

If you’ve been around me in the past two years, I am certain that you’ve heard me say “I’m good” referring to most everything in my life. And the truth is, I am. Things are good. I’m good. The kids are good. We’re good.

But shouldn’t the goal be better than good? Shouldn’t we try to be great?

After about a month of dating someone, I realized that I am literally stunting the potential of things being great. Talking myself out of letting things be even better is hurting the relationship. It’s hurting him. It’s definitely hurting me. Staying mediocre is a defense mechanism. Don’t let things get too good- then it won’t hurt as much if it doesn’t work. Don’t let him in all the way, because then you have less to explain. But what’s the point then?

I wrote about transparency (you can read about it here) And I mean it, with everything in me. But it’s hard. It’s hard to accept that someone might be okay with who you really are. And heck, they may even enjoy some of what you’ve got! More than that, it’s crucial to being  fully known and accepted. I mean, what’s the point of being a cheap version of yourself? Or worse, spending your time with someone who doesn’t really know the true you?

So back to being great. I think it starts with recognizing the potential. In yourself. In someone else. It matters. Because yes, I can do things on my own, and I can do them well. But what if I could do things even better with someone else?

The bible tells us that two is better than one. I remember hating this verse! But I want to go this alone. It’s too hard to do life with someone else. It’s messy.  I’m stubborn. I’m fine on my own! But that’s not how God intended us to go through life. He designed us to be a partner for someone else. He designed us to do life with other people- to share things, to lean on, to carry, to build up, and put back together. It’s a huge responsibility, sure. And it’s scary sometimes to think that you can actually rely on someone else to do things better than you. But the risk is worth it, right?

So today I choose to focus on being great. To make my relationship great. To make my family great. To truly trust that something can be better than how it is right now. Because I know it’s going to be worth it.


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