Let me catch you up…

Hello fine readers! If you’re finding your way to my blog, you more than likely already know me. And because of that, you probably also know my back story. We all have one. Mine just happens to be filled with cliché romances, #momlife stories, and all the ugly struggles between. Because really, outside of love and kids, everything else is just filling the gaps, amen?

For those who have fallen upon this by lucky chance (see what I did there), let me give you a brief background. I’ve been a mom for eleven years, was married for only three years, and have spent the past year as a divorcee (#embrace). For those working through that math—I had kids when I was in my mid-20’s, and it wasn’t until my early 30’s that I got married for the first time, to a man who literally turned my world upside down (both good and bad). For the past year I’ve struggled to find myself. Before getting married I struggled to find myself too, but always felt a nagging feeling that it was because I hadn’t experienced the love of a marriage. Having now felt that (ouch), I’m learning that my struggles with identity are far from over, but will never be answered by another human, though try as I may.

Journaling has always been an outlet for me to emotionally-vomit. And as a way to save a lot of money on therapy, amIright?! About ten years ago, I started a blog called Lucky Chance. It started as a way for me to connect with other mom friends! But quickly I learned that my writing was doing way more than that- it was helping me celebrate the good things, vent about the frustrating things, and most of all it helped me realize that I wasn’t alone in any of those things! Other mom friends were experiencing the same highs and lows as I was. Other girlfriends were dealing with the same annoyances that I was. Other wives were loving their husbands as fiercely as I was trying to do too. Looking back at that blog now, I realize that I have grown. I have been through some stufffffff ya’ll, but haven’t we all? And really, when we’re talking about Mom-tribes, and girlfriend-tribes…isn’t this what it’s all about? Doing life together in some form?

So I come to ya’ll now…broken but hopeful. Broken because…well life breaks us sometimes, no? But hopeful because I know that there’s no such thing as bad days- just bad moments.


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